Types of Decking Systems


WPC Decking – components (wood – polymer composites) of various producers;


Several European and Chinese producers of composite decking systems are present on the Bulgarian market. Each of them possesses different qualities, because different raw materials are implemented. However, the raw materials quality is of decisive significance for the WPC systems durability. The more modern and quality is the implemented polymer, the sounder is the producer’s warrantee. It is maximum five years. The main advantage of the WPC decking is that it does not need additional maintenance in time, which by itself is labour intensive and expensive. Another advantage of that decking is that pigments are implemented in its composition (their percentage varies among the different producers), which do not allow uneven fading of the profiles. This guarantees the durable colour of your decking system.

WPC decking price – Many people are mistaken that the WPC decking systems price is lower than the price of the natural wood decking systems. This is a fact when comparing the price of real teak wood with the one of the wooden-polymer composites. However, the truth is that real teak tree is not offered on the Bulgarian market due to its extremely high price of approximately EUR 200 – 250 per square meter.

On the Bulgarian market the WPC decking systems prices are higher than those of the natural wood species due to their better operating qualities. They vary between BGN 110 and 140 per square meter, VAT exclusive, for the entire system depending on the warrantee and the producer. Lower prices can be found of WPC decking systems of Chinese and other producer of unknown origin.


Of WOOD SPECIES ipe, bangkirai, teak, cumaru, merbau, larch, mahogany, etc.

You will find on the Bulgarian market various exotic wood species. They (just as WPC decking) possess different qualities and characteristics you should bear in mind when choosing depending on the climatic specifics of the region, where it shall be assembled.

Most generally speaking, the decking system of natural wood needs your cares and maintenance as of the moment of its laying. In order to preserve its qualities for a long time, the wood must be “courted”. It is necessary to impregnate it with oil two times a year. This is a labour intensive and not a cheap action, but it guarantees that once laid, your natural wood shall retain its aesthetic vision and shall be protected from deformation and warping. We can offer you as irreproachable decking system assembly, as well as commitment to its maintenance, so that only the pleasure of its usage will remain for you.

Natural wood decking price – The price range of the decking of natural wood is quite broad. It depends on the origin, quality and type of wood, but the most selling ones amount to BGN 70 – 100 per square meter, VAT exclusive, for the entire system, which makes them commonly applicable.

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