Decking system consists of:


Notwithstanding whether your decking system is of WPC profiles or of natural wood, it obligatory needs underlying profile (most common dimensions 200-400/400-600 mm). The underlying profile is the one making the connection between the existing foundation and the decking profiles.

The leveling and laying of the underlying profile is the most important and labour intensive part of the process of the decking system assembly. Therefore, it needs exclusive precision and care.


Decking profiles are the visible part of the system. They can be mounted on the underlying structure by the specially created for the system hidden assembly clamps (for WPC systems) and by screws (for the natural wood decking systems).


Only the WPC decking systems use the clamps created especially for them and allowing hidden assembly. This means that the fixing of the decking profile to the underlying structure is done by clamps, which are not visible and do not interrupt the integrity of the profiles.


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